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Laser Toenail Fungus Chicago Podiatrist

One might mistaken Onychomycosis as a common ingrown in their nails. This is particularly usual in an athlete or a swimmer whose feet are often damp. This condition however has over the counter remedies and the removal of fungus has become as easy. In fact, home remedies such as Vicks has become popular as seen on instructional videos on TV and Facebook. toenail fungus

Toenail Fungus usually causes a discoloration, disfiguration and the eventual destruction of the toenails. It is is also the most common of all nail conditions. The pathogens would usually cause the nail to lose its color and turn it to yellowish, brownish or even whitish in color, accompanied by some roughness or thickness of the nail in question. In some cases, fluids my also be discharged from the infected area. Crumbling of the nail and its complete separation from the nail bed may also occur.

The symptoms for onychomycosis can depend on which fungus is growing on your affected nail. However, the most common symptoms include thickening, yellowish discoloration, crumbly nails, distorted shape, foul odor, dull appearance, and even separation from the nail bed. Fungal nail infection is not restricted to the toes and can also occur on the fingernails. Swelling can occur under the fungus-infested nail if it is left untreated for a long time, and in some cases, dermatophytids can appear in other parts of the body. These are fungus-free rashes or lesions that appear as the body's allergic reaction to the fungal infection. While there are tell-tale signs that you have onychomycosis, it is still advised to seek medical help to properly diagnose your disease. Self-medication with over-the-counter drugs can be dangerous especially if you have other diseases like Diabetes or an immunocompromised system. Furthermore, drugs like ciclopirox, Lamisil and Sporanox are more effective than most alternatives in removing fungus, and they can only be bought with a prescription. To ensure the effectiveness of your medication and speedy recovery, consult your podiatrist once you think you have a nail fungus.

Although over-the-counter treatments are available, it is always best to consult a specialist. With a formal appointment, you can personally ask your licensed dermatologist prevention tips and even provide him or her with the proper information about yourself which allows him or her to give the best medication he or she can provide. This type of a disease in your toenail not only may lead to complications but also cause discomfort and affect your productivity and confidence. It is then essential that one seeks the help of an expert in order to acquire information with regards to the cures relative to Onychomycosis.

Post by slamander61000 (2013-04-02 03:55)

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